Monday, February 25, 2008

Viva Floridah

Hello and welcome to the photo/video blog on the trip. Forgot my firewire so get use to seeing a clip of the day filmed off the digital camera hey stop complaining already Sam.

So highlights so far include Tom having to go into a room to fill out a bunch of foreign papers... in there we saw Mexicans crying and Tom getting his finger prints taken haha..

Dave Nolan akak Mike Morris was spotted at the airport my a mother who was more stoked on us then her own son cause we already skated.. we shook the boys hand and even got our picture taken with the stroller infront of us.. see Mike Morris on MTV CANADA daily..

Tom and Mike have chains smoked about 2 packs of american smokes so far.. the beer here is practically water and Mike even managed to buy beer from a gas station the man had said sorry i dont serve canadians and gave him it anyways the drinking age is 21 and mike is 20 haaaaaaaaaaa

Well were waiting to wake tom up to go to the beach now so check back later tonight cause theres a bunch more photos to put up from yesterday but i just can get them to be where i want them to be on this peice but dont worry all day ill stress it and maybe it will do what i want when we get back enjoy this cell phone like video!!!

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