Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some Stuff to Munch on While im Gone

Mexico tomorrow till next thursday then Florida on the friday till sometime in march.. I don't think im going to update the blog with videos its just to hard but im going to turn it into a photo blog posting photos of the trip and maybe some video via the digital camera so maybe look forward to that in a week... well heres to the point of this found some good rare stuff to keep you busy...

First off P-Unit just got home from SF and I was lucky enough to spot him in the mall and hang out with him for a bit hearing about some crazy stories and good times on his trip.. heres there throw away footage i think Elliot filmed this i could be wrong..

P.S. Pat will be leaving for Atlanta to skate with the Blue Tile guys and theres a chance i'll maybe see him down there.

HAHAHAHA only way to describe this.. last spring Mike Terry did a project on Mike Morris for school definitally a watcher re brought to my attention by Matheson.

Last but certainly not least Willy Lavigne footage from Cali the line at 3 up 3 down is worth watching alone!

and if this isnt enough for you check out RobotSkate for footage of Willy trying to beni Wallenburg

Then of course theres the Flat Spot blog but don't expect an update anytime soon because Trevor smashed the computer with a hammer because of all the pop ups from that meat spin shit and horse porn... serves you right for showing that shit to minors man.

Well im outta here.

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