Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Welcome back for the 4th of this ever so new series. This Tabernac Tuesday is about the consequences of the 360 flip. A deadly trick invented by Josh Kasper the day he landed the NBD trick down Toronto's Skydome 12. It was turned into a 13 right after Kasper landed with such impact rattling the bridge and tile brick below. I heard it derailed a Go Train.
It's Darrell's birthday this Saturday so in spirit of that it's his birthday week on the blog. See funny videos and others like time lapses, frontside flips, soft core porn, and then the 2nd Montreal Montage on Saturday! Video thumbnail is for soul-tits.

TABERNAC TUESDAY #4 from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

PS 4 new links for you to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Josh Kasper did not invent the tre flip....
Rodney Mullen did.