Saturday, September 05, 2009


Today is Darrell Smiths not Smyth.. Dan Arget.. 26th Birthday. I was thinking of doing something funny for Darrells birthday for a long time but nothing was really coming together. One day last week I was at Geoff & Darrells drinking an expresso looking at a shelf filled with old magazines. Geoff said "You want to see the funniest photo of Darrell?" "Obviously" I replied. He opened the SBC to an interview section and there I saw a gem. Mind you Darrell was at work when this took place so he had no idea when I started scheming this to Geoff. I figured since its his birthday we can all get something out of it and look back at his ever so epic skateboarding career. The interview is shot by Kevin Wong which is just as epic. Bonus Hustler ad in the mag aswell.

Darrell is not from Oakville he is from London. He only went there to go to Sheridan for photography. He didn't graduate. He wasted his own money.

Kevin Wong still calls him a faggot

Darrell has the best frontside flip I have seen live. I have never seen Andrew Reynolds do one in person.

Darrell really like the band Matt Good.

Darrell also agrees that Shell and Maple are Ontario'sbest skateparks. Darrell admits he's a fly out boy.

Darrell could have been the first to nollie flip this set. I don't know tho.

PS Darrell this is your present!

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I wish I had as many sponsored friends as you do