Friday, April 06, 2007

Epicly Who?

Thats right Epicly Bshans'd is here.. Ok so basically im not in school and im doing nothing with my life but working and skateboarding. I decided if I really want to pursue filming like id like too I need to do something else. So pretty much iv decided to make profiles of all my closest friends around the map. Look forward to these gems about every 2 weeks or less.. I promise.. so anyways Andrew Mcneil breaks the ICE with his spotlight.. give it up for the guy hes only 16 years old and can dish it out like a man. Enjoy! Also for everyone who doesnt know J Trubbs got wacked by a car earlier this week. Hes recovering now but has a focused knee cap and a rash worse then your moms yeast infection!!! pray for him!



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