Wednesday, February 03, 2010



HENNY from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.


- the friends section is all people from Toronto
- Justin Colbourne doesn't have a part?
- Barn made sure the captain gets last part and Vacca gets first?
- Sam back 3'd art gall 11?
- Ethan front lipped a 13 in MTL?
- Dustin Dollin has a guest trick in Ethans part?
- Morris only has 4 tricks in the video but they're all from Oz and they're fucked?
- McNeil does a line in his intro with a Nazi flagged tied around his neck like a cape?
- Vacca smoked a blunt to his face before lazering Whitehern?
- Devin Morrison has a introducing part in the video?
- Jimmy O'brien quitting smoking is the effect of his lack of tricks?
- Donnellys part is all filmed on his ramp?
- The Flatspot lady flashes in the intro for 5 dollars?
- Ethan re fimed his part in Montreal?
- John Murphy edited the video?
- The video is going to cost as high as $50?
- Mike Wenham has a pro board commercial?
- Scott Mcdonald pisses on a kid at beaz?
- Vacca ollied a 20 stair?
- The premier is at CHE?
- Jeff Matheson does acid in his intro?
- No Hamilton skaters are in the friends section?
- The video was filmed in high def?
- All the best footage is in the trailers?
- Ethan front front blunted art gallary 11?
- Brent makes out with Sarah Holt?
- B-shans is retiring after the video premier?
- Flatspot is closing in 2011?
- Sam skates to Michael Bubble ?
- You see Ethans 4skin in the credits?
- The video is entered in the Toronto film festival this spring?

That's what the word on the street if you got more hit up the comment box your input is always recommended.


Sam Fidlin Photo said...

- " John Murphy not only edited the flatspot video, but enthusiastically watched BShans Jerk off"

Cam Johnson said...

you get a free pack of pubes from the whole team with purchase of the video.

super young said...

back heel aka only trick DB can do is in it