Monday, January 11, 2010


One day last summer Chuck wanted to meet up and film a line at this spot I had never been to before. After making him wait an hour and half at Parc Lafontaine we were finally on our way to the metro. Once at the spot Chuck warmed up testing the ledge and I did the usual kick all stones and make sure the run way was clear. I noticed the tree he wanted to wallie was completely in the shade so I new it would mean playing with the exposure. He ended up landing it first try and I totally goofed and clicked the white balance fucking up the footage. I barely new Chuck then and felt super awkward first making him wait then fucking up his line. I remember him saying to me when playing back the footage "That was the line tho". Altho I felt bad and we didn't really talk about it till a couple days ago this is what he had to say about it.

Charles: "yeah right man did that first try i was ready to re do it until you could iflm it good but it turnrd out to be a shit line anyways"

Welp this is how it went down...

RIVARDIO from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

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