Saturday, January 16, 2010


Your plobly expecting the Hugo video but im going to post it tomorrow. I thought this would be different and funny instead.

Don't ask me when that flatspot video is coming out because it's already done. Been waiting on Trevor to set a premier date.

All the best spots are capped

The berrics is not my homepage

There should be a better system for canadian skateboarding so people don't have to ride for distributers there whole life

Just because you download the latest weezy song and edited skateboarding to the beat of the bass doesn't mean shit

Why would you buy an american board brand when you could support a local canadian company and pay less? sorry but it's all the same wood kids and that plan b board had no thought put into it.

HD should be left out of skateboarding

My computer is a piece of shit but I deal with it

West 49 is owned by an american

It's harsh when paul mac gets kicked off globe

Somethings wrong when all the indoor parks can't afford to stay open

Iv thought about starting a union for filmers.

Iv hidden songs from my friends so they get stoked when they hear it for the first time in a montage

There's nothing better then watching your friends open a package from their sponsor and not getting anything out of it when you made there sponsor me tape for them.

I once quit filming for a year when I first got out of high school

The best skaters are the biggest weirdo's

Iv purchased approximately 600 tapes

My cameras hour clock reads 540 hours it's 2 years old

A filmer friend of mine was once getting mugged for his gear he asked the mugger if he could take the tape out of the camera and he agreed.

There's more to skateboarding that you can't buy

It's amazing when you find a new spot that gets ruined by retards

I still don't know who deleted my youtube account but whoever you are your a coward and ill feed you your parents.

In 03 burlington started planning a new skatepark

There should be a subway to Hamilton from Burlington

I survived zone 8

Stealing coping from shell isn't cool

I first watched trailer park boys when I was 14. I would show my friends it and they told me it was stupid. Now they like it and I don't

Matt Baird is actually my friend

I met Corey Duffel at shell park at a 88 demo he explained to me that canadian girls have the best fun bags and we are so lucky to have 3 reese peanut butter cups in a package.

I moved to Montreal not knowing anyone. The first people I saw was Antoine and Phil skating at berri, it took a lot of nerve to go up and ask if I could roll around with them for the day.

Hugo can speak 3 languages

The first day I filmed Jeff Matheson he ended up filming a banger on my board. When getting me a new board at flat it was decided that there was going to be a video starring the flatspot team.

The first time I went into flatspot trevor gave pat, andrew, sam, and myself a flat tee.

Pat wont admit it but he was close to asking to ride for flat before bluetile.

Scott Underhill is known as the big O bunter in montreal.

Darrell Smith got the last trick at the famous tim hortons manuel pad to drop in montreal and it's a good one.

Ethan filmed his ender with Nortons board

Iv seen Mike Morris cry because he couldent land a trick

The shell rail is cursed to anyone who takes 50-50ing on it lightly

I regret filming a lot of my footage in 24p

JS left 2 pairs of socks at my house ill put them on ebay when he becomes g-code

Adam Green is the gnarliest person alive

Jesse Landen should get more respect

The rolling stones is the greatest band ever

Im making a new video before i go back to montreal

I don't care what people think about this.

Thank you.

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