Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Missed last Tuesdays because I was at the McNeil cottage sorry! When me and Arget talked about this idea it wasn't always going to be a big banging fall aka Dan Arget breaking his back on a kink rail or Kyle almost breaking his arm in half. That shit is totally gnar, but happens every so often. You don't like to see your friends get hurt. Only the kids who search skull smash on youtube do. The Tabernac Tuesdays will consist of awkward falls, hitting a stone and slamming, filmer falling, car or pedestrian in the way, or just plain madness.

This week is somewhat of a double header since I missed last week. This was the first time I ever went skating with Josh Clark and he took 2 awkward bails that would have pissed anyone off if they had been trying the trick for a while. Instead Josh laughed it off. Just ask Chris Vacca he would have loved to have taken the second fall on the whoop dee doop spot (dislocated finger) Toon in next week!

Tabernac Tuesdays II from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

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zyanna said...

this is so fucking amazing. esti calisse