Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go Skateboarding Day 09

Thanks to everyone who came for making it the best Go Skateboarding Day at Maple yet!

Here are the results:

Over the Barrier
1st Aaron Mou - Frontside 180 late shuv
2nd Andrew McNeil - Nollie backside flip
3rd Johnny Cos - Frontside bigspin honorable mention shifty flip first try
4th Deebo - Hardflip Honorable mention 3flip first try

On the Barrier
1st Sam Beaulieu - Kickflip Backlip (with broken toe)
2nd Dylan (CHEW) Bailey - backside tailslide Honorable mention front blunt out of nowhere
3rd Aaron Mou - Backsmith (fucked) Honorable mention frontboard hands covering eyes

Skid Row
1st Andrew Mcneil - Front 5-0 to switch crooks
2nd Josh Goulart - Frontside tailslide
3rd James Thoem - Frontside lipslide

Lewis Game of Skate (Final 4)
Jon Cos (winner)
Pat O'Rourke
Andrew McNeil
Chris poschmann

Best dressed - Alex Kingsmill
Best call - Jimmy "Nice Terence I did that 3 years ago" on the mic when Terence did nollie backside bigspin
Bshans ripper of the day - Chew. skated everything, landed tricks, chill as fuck, has been MIA the past month and a bit.

Video should be posted by Tuesday!

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