Thursday, May 07, 2009

Brian & Scott's Big Gay Vacation!

Last thursday mid afternoon I was with Scott outside and some how we started talking about how badly we miss Montreal. Scott suggested to maybe take off for the weekend. Me being really hung over and wanting to escape the rain in Hamilton decided it could be a decent idea. Before I new it I was checking the weather and booking bus tickets for the next morning to head out of the province.
When we arrived in Montreal we hadn't spoke to any of our connections, and were not planning on staying in a hotel. Skated down the street a bit called Oakvilles finest Cody Finny, next minute were in a cab on the way to his house. We drank a bunch of beers and then headed over to Geoff and Darrel's new place.

We were introduced to their new neighbor who broke the ice by asking so where do you guys all work? No one said a word. She responded "Do any of you have a job?" Now there are 11 of us in the room when she's asking this... 1 person puts up there hand and says yeah I got one. Oh I love skateboarding. Shortly after I found myself alone, wasted, lost, starving, trying to find 2 dollar noodles. THE END...

- no one in Montreal actually works but has a mac book
- the Metro is hotter then hell
- BIG O BBQ was rad... communal wine!
- Come See Come Saw
- Cody had bed bugs
- $7.50 2 slices of pizza and a cold beer (Blue 6.1)
- Scotty filmed is ender thus far for the flat vid
- A bum kicked an old lady while walking down the street
- Steve pizza makes the best poutine
- Scotty thought you couldn't see his eyes threw his sunglasses but you totally could
- I had the worst blisters on my feet all trip
- Andrews note to $2 noodles is still up
- Montreal is the greatest city ever
- We missed our bus going home
- Forced to hitch hike.. found some random guy with a van $35 later were at Argets in Toronto

Here is a short vid featuring Geoff Clifford and Big O local Nick and of course nobodies favorite Scott "ASS" Underhill

1 Minute In Montreal from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

Scotty vs blunt the fence coming very soon

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