Monday, April 06, 2009


Well yesterday (Sunday) I went to the hospital with some horrible pains. Within hours of me being there I started puking my guts out and was rushed to get a ultrasound. After receiving a needle in my ass to help the pain I was shortly admitted to surgery or as some might say "Under The Knife" my appendix was removed and I stayed the rest of the night in the hospital and im not suppose to skate for 2 weeks end of story.

In other news my fisheye came! Here is a picture cause I was bored and then here is a short video of me using it. McNeil first try smith no need to check the distance 10 times no need to have my LCD screen open just pure instinct from now on. Those days of zooming in to 45%, cutting peoples feet, and heads off from using a fisheye meant for a 58mm camera are over. Hello MK2 for DVX! sorry its grainy it was actually really dark just bumped the gain up all the way okay.
Notice how swollen my stomach is where the scar is aaaaaaaaah time to take more pain killers PEACE!

DEATHSTAIN from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.

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