Monday, January 26, 2009

The story of the front blunt

Ok so things are really dull these days it feels like -20 outside today.. brutal.. so I decided to spice things up for todays post. Back in November I had to do a photo essay of the topic of my choice for my photography class. Since I saved it till the last minute i figured okay ill do skateboarding. Hmm sounds good but thats been covered a million times by god knows who right? So I did it on me being a filmer and what it took to get a trick. So I quickly rounded up a few friends Andrew, P-Unit, and Scotty and this is how it went down.

I got McNeil to text me so it would seem like it was an average day. Oh yeah I had to present this infront of class and explain each photo.

Popped in a fresh tape this is my daily "preparation stage" as I told the class

Here we have Scotty loving driving its his favorite thing in the world!

This is Scotty freezing his ass off. Just happened to be the first day it went below -0

I told everyone this was his him warming up insinuating he was good at skating HA

This is the second angle I tried to get it out of focus but wasn't too successful

This is suppose to be the banger. The trick that was wanting to be filmed in the text message.

THE END. I paused the tailslide on the LCD and got him to look check his footage.

Wait not the END?

McNeil who didnt even have a board at the time grabs Scotties Board and starts frontboarding the rail going mock ten. Now mind you Scott rides a 8.5 board with Indy 179's and 55mm wheels. It's bigger then my film board. So Andrew starts Jumping on frontblunt I figure hes just messing around so I grab my digi camera again.

It kept getting darker and colder but he stuck it after a few more tries. Here is the footage watch closely he actually pulled his back on the roll away didn't skate for a week hahaha

A Logical Frontblunt from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.
So once a week Im going to break down a trip or session with photos and video. Next week is my trip to Florida last year with Mike, Tom, and Andy featuring some never before seen footage with plenty of photos and boring interviews to go along with it stay tuned.

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