Friday, October 03, 2008

Viewers Choice

People tend to watch just about anything on the internet.. This video was made in 30 minutes that includes searching for the random clips and finding the white trash song. If you like it then niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. So McNeil wins the poll challenge but clearly cheated.

Here is the latest blog mix up you get to interview Scott Underhill!

This is how it all works:
- You can email, comment, facebook, or even MSN your ?QuesTionS?
- Questions can be about just about anything to do with Scott
- As graphic as you want
- 10 of the best questions will be chosen
- Scotty will respond in video format
- If your question is chosen you will receive a free copy of Dirt-Stash

Brief description of Scott
age 22, favorite skater Darren Naverate, favorite company Toy Machine, loves drinking, listens too GG ALLIN, young girls, and masturbating.

Questions must be sent in by next Friday the 10th

People Will Watch It from Brian Shannon on Vimeo.


Dirt Stash said...

re: question for scotty...
if you were a girl which boy would you wana have sex with under the age of 18?

Sam Fidlin Photo said...

how far do you think can you lodge a beer bottle down your throat / up your bum?

SAM said...

Describe in full detail your thoughts and opinions on those who are not circumcised at birth.