Friday, March 21, 2008

2x the fun

I clearly lied cause thats what I do to you people polson peir is infact done but why would I give you what you want this is my freaking blog. In other news im so sorry for what I just said MAPLE skatepark in Burlington Ontario has been partially shovled.. is it just a romour what parts of the park can you skate? is the nipple dry? just ask Jimmy Obrien cause he knows everything! whatah guy can't even grip his own boards ahaha um so heres something sorta different on here this post isnt a contest and it isnt at an indoor park and theres 2 videos for you to watch holy fuck$$$ In the near future (sunday) it is Mike Morris birthday he will be turning 21 years of age so if you see the guy say hello and congradulate him on living his life for 21 years. k heres the videos expect more of the flat spot individual promos to pop up about every week or 2 featuring members of the team im sorry Garret is not on the team but hes still making an effort oh yeah PPPPPPSSSSSS punit his home from MIA and his foot is indeed broken so give that boy a call and cheer him up his interests include sony play stations "cool boarders" (snowboarding game) & Lego space edition k later


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