Friday, January 11, 2008

Triple Triple

Well for those who go on my blog im sure your upset with the lack of updates so heres something pretty rare 3 posts at one time. yep. so ill start off about talking about other useless shit before I get to the videos... Iv been pretty busy filming sessions and demos at the new polson peir park in toronto.. P-unit formerly known as Kaution is in SF for a few weeks trying to come up in the real skate world. last I heard from him was it rained 2 days straight so he did nothing but get wasted.. rare.. ok thats enough ramble jamble for now.

ok so the first video is a Nick Trapasso remix part.. normaly I hate remix parts so I decided to try it out myself.. started when Sam said how let down he was that Nick would never get to skate to White Rabbit because Jefferson Airplane is his favorite band and Lindsay Robinson already used it so thats what I came up with..

Second video is a rare one.. Blake, Duncan, Andrew, & myself went to the parking garage downtown to get high and smoke prime times when we heard strange elevator music coming from the top floor.. to our suprise there was 2 guys jamming up there I asked if they had any songs they wanted to play and they did a sick cover of pink floyd - wish you were here with a violin super dope so dont forget to watch this one.

Last but of course not least. I got a call about a month ago from Jason Shoemaker Vans rep asking me if I wanted to be apart of a new concept contest event.. of course I was down. Its basically just a free for all on any obstical that brett (cbmk) or gymbo (shred central) choose with cash prizes give aways and so on check the facebook but what im getting at is heres the video for it.

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Fingers Crossed Photohgraphy said...

That second video there is really weird... yet really cool... thats rad