Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beaz Contest August 4-5

Iv been so busy lately doing lots of side jobs besides filming for skateboarding and I havent had much time to sit at home and edit therefor lack of updates.. Yes the barrier contest footage is coming soon aswell as an Acton Montage, and a maple montage? Anywho this weekend is the 15th annual Beaz Contest aswell as a demo by the Kayo Corp should be a fucking blast. Che Burrito is holding the after party and Flat Spot will be premiering the new digital imagine video there aswell. I also heard rumors that teenage head is playing a free show downtown in Hamilton Saturday so look out for that too. And last but not least happy birthday to Andrew McNeil who turned 17 on Saturday and also got his G1 congrats Drew... heres the promo enjoy

This is the imagine promo

See you all this weekend!

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