Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brooklyn Who?

So a few bunts and pre bunts to report this evening.. Today Is the 1 year ann of the blog... I made a montage of clips from every blog up till this day.. but.. sad news it's divided into 2 parts soooo what do I do..? youll find out. In other news epicly kingsmill was suppose to depute this week but with his new internet connection and him being busy all weekend and now living in cottage country for the summer I am not able to recieve certain files so his show has been postpone sorry to all those who highly etisipated a new epicly this week. Instead today I am treating you to a world class meal. enjoy.

Check back this weekend for best of blog!

R.I.P. Kirk Taylor

1 comment:

Andrew Norton said...

dude, Ive 'etisipated' it hard