Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fish vs Cuban

As everyone should know Fish has a secret Cuban side to him. The Cuban side rarely comes out but when it does it come out with colours or should i say a wife beater? The Cuban side is everything sketchy that he does like set an obstical coarse around lasalle park with chairs and jumping over Mike Morris giving him a high five during a run. This is a rare glimpse of Fishs Cuban side I decided to highlight the extra Cuban points by slow-moing them i hope you like what you see because theres alot more to come. Also before the Cuban came out Mike Morris got a line with nollie nose on the handrail then tried to follow up with another but as you will see hes just too skilled to kickflip frontboard on such a low callaber rail bring on a ten stair so this kid can pull out bitches enjoy.

P.S. I know there is a peice of a flower on my camera but dont worry i took care of it!

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