Sunday, May 28, 2006

Close call

So yesterday myself, Kingsmill, Mckay, Underhill and max went to the dam everything was going good until i went to go drop in and my truck falls apart apparently it some how unscrewed itself while i was skating. So Kingsmill being the nice guy he is lent me his new set up so i could keep skating. I returned the favour with me lending him my death lens so he could film Mckay a line. I was filming some of the artsy stuff at the dam then decided last second i would get a second angle for jokes of Mckays line and just as i zoom in i see Kingsmill go down. The lens was fine but the sunshade shows a scare that i wont be able to live done therfore never again will it see the rings of someone elses camera! enough talk tho hes some Underhill footy from yesterday enjoy.

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